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MC’s & Established churches | Part 2

May 27, 2010

Aidan: So we’ve looked at two ways established or attractional churches can begin to transition people in their congregation to Missional Communities. What other things have you seen work?

Mike: Well we looked at those for two, the third attaches itself to the 2nd.

3) Fill out newcomer connection cards in the service.

But give these cards to a particular MC and have them go and visit.

Just go to their house, knock on the door, say your from the _____ MC at the church, and you just wanted to personally welcome them and say how excited you are they came.

We’d often times bring them a pizza or a pie.

The quicker you visit someone, the more likely you are to have them come and belong. Who wouldn’t want to join? You have people so willing to engage with them they will go to your house to say, “Thanks for coming.”

Aidan: I remember reading statistics a few years ago that were pretty astounding.

It was something to the effect of:
1) 92% of people will come back to your church a second time if you call them within 24 hours of them visiting.
2) 97% of people will come back to your church a second time if you visit them at their house within 48 hours.

It’s always made me think…why aren’t we calling and visiting a lot more?!

Mike: Yeah, I’ve read those and to be honest, the statistics are staggering. And I have seen those things actually work in the churches I’ve led. It actually works.

Aidan: So what is the 4th idea you’ve got?

Mike: Right!

4) Have a Welcome Lounge run by the MC. We’d regularly say, “If you’ve been here less than 3 weeks, we have one of our Missional Communities in the Welcome Lounge, and we’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have.” You see, by this time they’ve heard about MC’s and probably are at least vaguely interested and probably have some questions. I’ve seen this have a massive effect on people’s lives. It sounds so simple, right? But people get to see normal, regular people answer their questions and then talk about their Missional Community. It’s an incredibly easy way to help people into Missional Communities.

Aidan: And from my experience, it would seem to help out a lot with volunteers. You’re not having to constantly scramble and put teams together for the Welcome Team, Ushers, Greeters, Lounge Team, etc. A Missional Community could simply be assigned for that weekend.

Mike: And the funny thing is that MC”s will be fighting for this opportunity. It’s so easy and it yields excellent fruit because we would always say, “All the fish you catch, you keep.” So all the MC’s are wanting to do it so they can do an easy OUT.

Aidan: So what would be your last idea?

Mike: Pretty simple, again.

5) Run a MC Fair. I’ve seen a lot of churches do this for local organizations like the Red Cross or a homeless shelter or soup kitchen…the organizations come in and you can sign up for the one you’re interested in.

Same concept…preach on Missional Community life, the need for us to be creating spiritual households that are on mission together. Then, have a bunch of Missional Communities they can give their email address or phone number to that they want to check out and then have someone from the MC get in touch with them. They’ll come and check it out.

I know none of this stuff is really that revolutionary, but it doesn’t have to be. These are just things we’ve seen work really well with minimal effort in the churches I’ve led.

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