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success in Huddles

October 22, 2010

In case you missed it in the last post, we have some free extra chapters in the book Building a Discipling Culture that will go in all future print runs that walk through what a Huddle is, why it works, advice on starting one and using it to disciple people, how it’s different than a small group and some sample Huddle outlines. You can download that here.

Earlier today we got this email from one of the pastors at a church we are working with. The email is from a seminary grad who attends the church and is reflecting on his Huddle experience:


I’ve discovered that my identity in Christ is that of a shepherd.

God has continually confirmed my path as a shepherd. He has also revealed the simple truth that I can be a disciple, I am a disciple, and that He wants me to be a disciple. Why I ever thought this was just something for the original twelve I’ll never know. Through simple shapes like triangles, squares, and a pentagon that illustrates biblical concepts, I’ve learned more about discipleship in the last couple of months than my entire life combined, including the grueling time I’ve spent at Asbury Seminary.

I was hesitant about another new model and diagram but Lifeshapes have turned out to be just the opposite. There is nothing new or fancy about them. They’re simple biblical concepts illustrated by simple shapes.
These are my LifeShape takeaways. I’ve learned to…
1.   be fruitful and rest through a semi-circle.
2.   make sense of significant events in my life through a full circle.
3.   balance my relationship with God and people through a triangle
4.   journey in discipleship with others through a square
5.   discover who I am in Christ through a pentagon
6.   pray effectively through a hexagon
7.   grow with the church through a heptagon
8.   and practice a missional life through an octagon

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