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Top Books, Blogs and Albums of 2010

December 31, 2010

As is customary for blogs at the closing of the year, I spent a little time reflecting on the Books, Blog posts and Albums that have been favorites both for me as well as the readers of this site. Hope you enjoy it.

Top Blog Posts of 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Books of 2010

*Hmmm…I have this habit of going through authors in large chunks. So actually, there are probably three authors where I’ve read at least 2 of their books, sometimes as much as 5. For whatever reason, most of my reading this year has centered around historical fiction and not as much as non-fiction, which is where I usually spend most of my time. Interesting year.

1) The Genghis Series by Conn Iggulden. It’s now a four book series with the publication of Empire of Silver a stunning book about the development of the Mongol Empire after the death of Genghis and the campaign of the great General Tsubodai. I also went through Iggulden’s “Emperor Series” which details the rise of Julius Caesar. Absolutely fascinating.

2) The Arthur Series by Bernard Cornwell was great.

3) Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth and World without End were stunning and scope and unbelievably interesting. If you want to understand spiritual formation within the foundational period of Christendom’s expansion in the Middle Ages, you can’t get better than this.

4) Jim Collins wrote a sort of follow-up book to Good to Great called How the Mighty Fall. Basically, what leads to companies falling that were, at least one time, great? The obvious examples for this book are Circuit City and Fannie Mae as both are mentioned in the previous book and no longer exist.

5) Alan and Deb Hirsch’s Untamed. It was such a great book that explored the need for discipleship to happen on the front lines of mission. Couldn’t agree more. For people really concerned about the future of Discipleship and Mission within the church, this is a must-read.

My Top 5 Music Album’s of 2010

  • John Mayer | Battle Studies (even though it’s now a year old)

Favorite track: Heartbreak Warfare


  • Kings of Leon | Come Around Sundown

Favorite track: Radioactive


  • Mumford & Sons | Sigh No More

Favorite track: Little Lion Man


  • Jack Johnson | To the Sea

Favorite track: You and Your Heart


  • Jesus Culture | Come Away

Favorite track: Mighty Breath of God

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  1. tim shultz permalink
    January 8, 2011 5:36 pm

    I also really love Mumford and Sons and have read and enjoyed the Winter King Series as well. You might like Stephen Lawhead. You also might like Orson Scott Card and his Ender series.

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