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January 2, 2011

In case you hadn’t heard, myself and some of the 3DM team is going to be at the Exponential Conference at the end of April, down in Orlando, Florida. Exponential is the largest church planters conference in the world, and this year, they’ve teamed up with another conference: VERGE. The focus of the conference? Missional Communities.

As you might expect, we’re pretty excited about this and will have 5 different slots when we’re speaking and interacting with people.

Leading up to the conference, VERGE  is doing a series of articles to stoke the intellectual fires. The first ones broke last week, with different speakers/thinkers/authors/practitioners answering the question, ‘What is a Missional Community?’

Here’s the link to the article I wrote on the subject, and as always, VERGE/Exponential (and me personally) would LOVE if you could leave a comment. Maybe you could leave a comment about your experience in a MC, or why you started one, or why you are excited by their missional potential, or why you would encourage people to try them.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Peter Hallsworth permalink
    January 10, 2011 5:32 pm

    Really like this stuff !

    It would be good to hear more about the process of finding the crack or crevice in society and then incarnating the Gospel.

    There are a group of us in Pickering in North Yorkshire trying to do just that but it is good to learn from others experience !

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