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church planters unite!

February 23, 2011

Are you a church planter or know one?

We have some really exciting news! On June 7-8, we are going to be offering a FREE Missional Communities Workshop for Church Planters in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina.

Increasingly, church planters are wanting to explore new and more effective ways of planting churches in a North American context that is more post-Christian with each passing day. Gone are the days when all you need to do is throw up a worship service with the right marketing and see a church spring up with people who aren’t already Christians. In most places in the United States, this just doesn’t work anymore.

Because of that, many church planters are starting to explore using things like Missional Communities and Huddles to start churches. While this isn’t necessarily new, it is fairly unknown in the United States. SO…we want to help!

If you are a church planter or know of one, because planting provides some very unique challenges, we’ve put aside two whole days to teach on, explore, model, answer questions and provide in-depth consultations on Missional Communities in a church plant setting…and it’s completely free.

Want to know more or register for this event? Click here to for more details and registration.

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  1. February 23, 2011 6:46 pm

    Hi Mike

    Thank you for a number of great blog posts and resources – good stuff!!

    This is way off topic, but I follow you both here and on Twitter, and couldn’t find another way to make this suggestion to you. Have you considered using the WordPress Shortlink feature when you Tweet?

    On Twitter you can only write 140 letters and it seems like the address for your website covers the most of that. The Shortlink feature will shorten the long link for you, so you can say more on Twitter. You can see where to find it here… it’s just an idea ;o)

    Kind regards
    Christian Laugesen
    Youth pastor in Copenhagen, Denmark, in Peter Dyhr’s church

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