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Missional Communities series | Post #12

March 1, 2011

You’ve probably picked up how we’re shepherding this Missional Community series. We’re looking to give a good amount of practical advice, some very simple but provocative posts, some theory as well as stories of how all of this comes together in real life.

Today we’re going to look at another story, this one coming from Doug Paul at Eikon Community Church in Richmond, Virginia.

It’s definitely worth reading his whole post, which is excellent, but look at the sentiment that he expresses:

Last Saturday, my wife and I were at breakfast with good friends of ours and we got to talking about the small group we used to lead together, while at the same time talking about changes/tweaks we were making with our family-centric Missional Communities. And somewhere in the middle of that conversation (and I mean right out of nowhere!) it hit me like a bolt of lightning: We already know how to grow, build and develop these more organic, flexible, mid-sized groups.

In fact, I’ve done it before.

For whatever reason (and I have a theory as to why), I never understood that the small group I had started and led 4 years ago had become a Missional Community and we were doing EVERYTHING you’d ever want a MC to do. Essentially, what started with a group of 4-6 people who were committed to growing the group and doing life together, had grown to a group of 22-25 people (not including kids) in about 15 months.

In fact, the top thing people would say in describing the group was, “This just feels like family.”

Another person put it this way, when describing our mid-sized group: “It’s like finding something you knew you always needed and wanted, but never knew was actually missing.”

This is actually a really common experience for people. They don’t realize the places where they’ve led things that have turned into an extended spiritual family on mission together and it just didn’t fit into the “small group” mold any more. And again, I’d recommend reading the whole post, which you can read by clicking here.

How about you? Has this happened to you or people in your communities before?

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