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Missional Community series | Post #17

April 4, 2011

Full steam ahead with our Missional Community series (nothing if not thorough, right?!).

This is a story of a Missional Community at a church in Washington called Missio Lux and one of their MCs called Seeds of Hope.

Seeds of Hope is a Missional Community that pulls together an extended family in Washington to identify, educate, and empower the orphaned and at-risk youth of Southern Sudan with the goal of restoring hope, peace, and socio-economic self-sufficiency to their war-torn country.   Starting with one child at a time (the first was Arok), the program now includes 35 orphans from Arok’s village who are provided with food, clothing, health care, a loving environment and education in a boarding school now located in Kenya.  Other efforts are also underway to help this village obtain access to water and needed equipment.

One fund raising event they’ve done is with the organization Hoops of Hope., with funds going to the dozens of children in the queue waiting to be included in the program when funds are available.

Last year the Hoops of Hope fund raiser attracted over 200 participants who shot baskets in support of the effort.  Held at the local middle school, this was a great opportunity to connect with many people from the community who share a heart for the children of Africa.    This video was created by a local seventh grade student.

[vimeo 14347603]

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