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a great idea

April 6, 2011

There’s been a lot of chatter lately in “church planter world” (as if this were some kind of alternate reality!) around bi-vocation vs. full time ministry. (You can click here for one blog post on this). I certainly don’t presume to say one is more godly or more noble, but I saw this on a friend’s blog and can’t resist sharing.

Alex Johnson, is a bivocational church planter in Denver, Colorado and is going to be part of our May Learning Community at 3DM. I thought I’d let you in on what Alex is doing. Because it is not only quite funny…it’s quite brilliant.

Here’s a post I’ve pasted in that Alex recently put up about how he’s being bi-vocational through a very specific business he’s started. I think you’ll really like his creative thinking on this one and probably get a good laugh. Notice how he’s thought through why the business connects with the culture he’s living in, connects with his season of life and gives him the missional flexibility he needs to be bi-vocational. Very well thought out.

Here is Alex’s post.


The business we started is a cloth diaper delivery service that we call the Denver Diaper Service.  You can visit our website at

We deliver clean cloth diapers to people and take away their dirty diapers to wash.  Now, cleaning poopy diapers is not a glamorous way to earn a living, but there are several reasons why we chose this specific business.

1.  It is a business that allows us to help protect the environment.  Millions of tons of disposable diapers have been dumped into landfills, and to this day, not a single one has biodegraded.  Stewarding the Earth is a big responsibility: you can’t do everything, but you can do something.

2.  It’s something we know well.  As parents of a 6-week old, we are intimately acquainted with dirty diapers and our knowledge will only grow.

3.  It’s a business model that allows for us to manage our risk because we invest capital as we have demand.  It’s not a “If you build it they will come model.” It’s more a “As they come, we build it.”

4.  We aren’t asking people to add an expense to their budgets.   People have to use diapers.  For roughly the same amount as disposable diapers, you can use a cloth diaper service without having to deal with the constant washing of diapers.

5.  Our potential customer base are people with which we regularly interact.

If you’re reading this and know someone in the Denver or Colorado Springs area who might be interested, please point them in our direction!  Denver Diaper Service is really designed to be a vehicle for kingdom expansion.  It’s a great way to protect the environment while supporting church planters too!


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