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Missional Communities series | Post #21

April 25, 2011

One of the important thing to remember about Missional Communities (mid-sized groups of 20-50 on mission together) is that the leadership is dispersed throughout the group. In many respects, the MC leader is investing and discipling his/her leaders to lead various pieces of the MC and in that way, laity are able to lead unbelievable acts of mission in community.

Now the way that many MC leaders do that kind of investment/discipleship in their leaders is in a weekly or bi-weekly Huddle (for more on Huddles and discipleship, check out Building a Discipleship Culture). But sometimes one of the things that’s missed is that the Huddles of leaders in a MC is a GREAT place to teach mission.

On that note, here are some great tips, practices or idea starters for how to teach leaders, in a Huddle setting, how to do mission the way Jesus expressed it:

  • Have everyone come to Huddle at the normal place, but have each person bring $5. (They don’t know why). Each person is then assigned to go spend that money at a restaurant/coffee shop somewhere, buy a drink, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to them a person of peace, and have ONE substantive conversation in that one hour they are there. Doesn’t have to be Jesus related…but something deep. Then, the whole huddle gathers at a place after that to process and go around the learning circle as they enter into the Kairos that has been created.
  • Go out for dinner one night with your Huddle and everyone brings their persons of peace. Process the night through the Learning Circle in the next Huddle.
  • Have everyone in the Huddle bring their families (if applicable) and invite persons of peace with their families and go to the park for a cookout and family games.
  • Have every person in the Huddle share your communities’ language for the gospel with one person of peace they are close to. Have them explain to the POP that they are simply practicing and are neither asking for or expecting a response. Have the POP give feedback. Did it make sense? What questions would they have? Did they feel pressured? Process in Huddle.
  • Have the Huddle regularly serve with the poor and regularly process in Huddle.
  • Move into bolder expressions of mission with your Huddle. Set up a “Free Prayer Table” on the sidewalk of a crowded street or shopping center and offer free prayer to people as they pass. Process the Kairos in Huddle.
  • Have everyone in the Huddle commit to praying for one specific Person of Peace every time they are in Huddle and have them commit to pray frequently in their own prayer times until they see breakthrough. Process the Kairos’ of both frustration and breakthrough in Huddle.
  • Have everyone in the Huddle meet during lunch on a workday and go to a place where people are and engage in random acts of kindness. Process the Kairos in the following Huddle.
  • Have the Huddle meeting in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop and use the time to pray for people in the place, asking for the Holy Spirit to show someone who is a person of peace and engage appropriately.
  • Use one of your Huddles as a time to practice sharing the gospel in a relational way. Allow time for feedback, encouragement, coaching and critique.
  • Use your Huddle time to explore the differences between persons of peace who are passing relationships (meet them randomly) and permanent relationships (they are a regular part of your life). How is mission done with the Octagon with these different types of POPs.
  • Have everyone in your Huddle knock on 5 doors of people living around them bringing cookies (or whatever is appropriate) and engage in conversation. Follow-up with a dinner invitation if the relationship seems ready. Process the Kairos in Huddle.
  • Have everyone in the Huddle ask God: 1) what missional context they should be trying to reach into, and 2) what the gospel touch point is for that missional context. Share in Huddle and then have their plans respond appropriately.
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  1. Martin Hill permalink
    April 27, 2011 7:04 am

    Great encouragement to act missionally outside of the box. The greatest thing about these are they are simple, things we might do ‘any way’, but done with a Christ-centered intention. I love this post and will share it with my church leadership. The vision for ‘break out’ at Rising Brook needs Christians ready to take steps of faith in places where others gather.

  2. April 30, 2011 9:24 pm

    Awesome ideas! We’ll definitely have to try some of these in our communities. Great connecting with you at Exponential!


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