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If only all worship pastors were this honest…

January 4, 2012

David Walker is a worship pastor, brilliant writer/musician and all-around fantastic guy. Last week he released a blog that really caught my attention and I wanted to highlight one piece of it. You can click here to read the whole blog post.

I’ve been leading worship for almost ten years. It is a gifting that I have. I have developed this over the years because it’s something that I place immense value in. I want to continue to lead and write incredible songs in and for the Church. I want to see people saved and made new through God using what I do. These are all incredible things to desire and I believe it’s the heart of God.

But it can’t just be about leading worship on a stage a couple of times a week.

When I read the scriptures, I believe at the end of this life when I’m old and grey, I want to look back most of all and identify the small amount of people that had intimate access to my life and because they did, they did the same, and disciples were made and the Kingdom of God advanced. And then those people made disciples…and the Kingdom of God advanced. And then those people…well…you get the picture…

If I’m honest, really honest, I’d have to say if I stay on the current trajectory I’m on, I’m not sure I’ll be able to say that with the assurance I’d like to.

But I want to.

And I’m cashing in all my chips to make it happen…to ensure that discipleship is the primary thing my life revolves around. That I’m making sure someone who is further along in this journey is investing into me, but, likewise, that I am doing the same thing in discipling others.

It really is worth reading the whole post in it’s entirety. Click here to read it.

Also, as a thank you to David for letting us re-post some of his blog, here’s a video of one of his original songs:

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  1. January 5, 2012 7:16 pm

    Hey Mike – thanks for honoring David Walker – he’s our worship leader here at CrossRoads/City Church -I’m the founding pastor, Steve Keyes – my son is Aaron Keyes – He loves you too!!! Looking forward to meeting you and some future time at Pawleys! Keep up the great work… Our team LOVED being there recently

    God bless,
    Steve Keyes

    • January 5, 2012 7:32 pm

      Would love to meet you as well, STeve. If Aaron and David are any indication of your leadership, you’re a fine man!

  2. January 5, 2012 8:12 pm

    That’s really inspiring. I’ve been hearing this again and again in different places in the body at the moment, it seems like it’s a hot topic on His agenda for this year! I particularly like the part where he mentions the need to be invested in as well as finding people to disciple–I think it’s critical. I’m feeling challenged this year to address some of the areas where I am still spiritually orphaned and at the same time, to be bolder and more proactive in giving in the areas where I know I’ve received from Him. Exciting times! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Patrick Timney permalink
    January 10, 2012 9:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing that post Mike, and thank you David. As a worship pastor, I share your heart and I know your struggle as well. Worship has to encompass our lives and be lived out 24/7. I’ll be praying that as you reorient your life that God will bless, strengthen and encourage you. We have an incredible privilege and role to play as worship pastors. Bless you man!

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